Top Posts from my first year of blogging |

Guys, I did it. I blogged for a whole year.

I wrote my very first post on December 9, 2013, and since then I’ve written 114 posts.

ONE YEAR. I can’t believe it.

Man has it gone by fast. I feel like it was just yesterday I was ranting about soup and walking around with no tooth. (Anyone remember that?)

I’ve really enjoyed blogging. I’ve loved it. But MAN it’s been hard. It feels good to look back on a year’s worth of work. Makes me excited to keep trucking along! I have some big plans for Year 2 of blogging. But for now, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of my top posts from my first year of blogging!

Most Read Posts of the Year:
1. I’m Exhausted/Cancer
2. In Sickness and In Health
3. Welcome to My White Hot Cancer Rage
4. The Robin Williams Post I Don’t Want to Write
5. TOOTHLESS: A Photo Series

Most Pinned Posts:
1. DIY Henna Dye Tutorial
2. Talking to a 4-Year-Old might change your life
3. I Don’t Love My Body: My Messy Beautiful
4. Everybody’s Friend and Nobody’s Friend
5. I Have A Lying Problem

Most Commented On Post:
Can We Talk About Pap Smears?

Most Comments on Facebook:
Guys, I made the most disgusting soup and I don’t know what to do about it
And now for some of my favorites!
Favorite Post Nobody Read:
Do you ever have irrational crying fits?

Favorite Silly Post:
Naming My Imaginary Children

Favorite Rant:
When Father’s Day Sucks

Favorite Poem:

And My Favorite Post of The Year:
Moving From Crushed to Cheerful


Well there you have it, the top posts of my first year of blogging. I am so glad I got my thoughts out there. I’m so glad I wrote even when I didn’t want to. And I am so grateful to have documented this year of my life. I may not have changed the world or gone viral, but I’m deeply proud of the work I’ve done here.

Thank you for reading, for listening, for tolerating my rants and raves, for commenting, sharing, liking…  it means more than you know. And I hope you’ll stick along.





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Recent posts from Andrea Enright:



I love this blog dearly. I think about it daily. I have ideas and posts and dreams for it.

But right NOW, smack dab in the middle of a season where I want rest, thankfulness, and reflection for Advent– is MY busy season.

Today is Tuesday, November 25. My Mom arrived at our apartment last Thursday. BJ had his eleventh chemo yesterday. Also yesterday- my sister and her fiance arrived for Thanksgiving. Today, my dad and brother arrive.

Yes, my whole family is staying with us for Thanksgiving. In our NYC apartment. 7 people. 3 bedrooms. 1 bathroom.


But it will still be crazy.

Then they all shuffle out this Saturday morning, November 29.

Then I have my 25th birthday on December 1.

Then we have BJ’s last chemo (God willing!) on December 8.

Then we leave for Oregon on December 16.

Then in Oregon we have Christmas, my sister’s Bachelorette Party, a Rehearsal Dinner, New Year’s, and my sister’s WEDDING.


Then we hang in Oregon an extra week and be back home mid-January.

So it is all HAPPY busy, but still BUSY.

And in the midst of it all I need to shop for Christmas and wedding gifts, plan a Bachelorette party, pack for a month in Oregon, finalize our cat sitters, be a human, and beat cancer.

So it will be quiet around here, on the blog.

My heart breaks a bit because there is SO much to write about– Thanksgiving, Christmas, Cancer, wedding planning, New Year’s resolutions, AND my blog’s One Year Anniversary. But I need to free myself. My tiny, anxiety-prone brain can’t handle all that’s going on. So I am giving myself the grace to step back, and I HOPE you will be eagerly awaiting my return come January.


(And BELIEVE ME– it will be awesome. I’ve already named 2015 “THE YEAR OF THE BLOG.”)

So friends, thanks for reading, for sticking along side me, and I hope to see you back in January!

There may be a few posts that pop up before then, but more likely than not, it will be quiet here.

Know I love you, nonetheless!

Wishing you a Thanksgiving full of gratitude, a Christmas full of peace, a New Year full of joy.


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Do you Hygge? |

Hygge [n.]

a complete absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming;
taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things.


Have some hygge?

My cousin sent me this pack of napkins, along with note explaining the idea behind hygge. She lives in Denmark and explained the ideal to me like this:

“HYGGE” is huge in Denmark. It generally involves good friends or family, often wine, and always (almost) candles! It’s hard to put into words what “hygge” is but it’s one of the best collective feelings of Denmark.

That plus the definition above and I’m sold. To hygge is to not rush, yell, strive, strain, but instead lean back, slow down, enjoy, and savor. We all need some hygge in our lives, don’t you think? And I just love that this is nationally cherished ideal. And the best part about it? It’s pronounced “hooga.”

I’m gonna try extra hard to hygge this week.

What about you?


Let me know in the comments what small things do you take pleasure from and if you think we all could benefit from more hygge in our lives.


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The Ugly Truth about Cancer and Caregivers |


I feel like people might get the wrong idea about me. I’m afraid people might think I undyingly love my husband or that I’m some sort of dutiful, sacrificial wife.

And I must say, I’m really not.

And I’ve got to be honest. I don’t want to pretend this cancer is cake walk. And I most certainly don’t want to fail my fellow caregivers by painting a rosy, not-entirely-true picture of my feelings toward my husband and his illness.

So here’s the ugly truth:

Sometimes I hate BJ.

I hate him.

It happens like this–

He’s fine one second, like FINE fine, and the next he’s throwing up, and is very NOT fine–

And I get angry at him.

Because his behavior defies logic.
Because it is gross.
Because it SUCKS.
Because it makes me hurt.

Oh cancer, how you do crazy things to the people I love. You make my husband hate the smell of oranges but he likes oranges. You give him violent coughing fits that come out of nowhere.

So I hate him. I cringe. I get annoyed. I leave the room.

Because I hate him.

Of course, of course I know MY behavior defies logic. Of course I know that this is temporary, that this is not his fault, that this is sickness, that he can’t help it, but it doesn’t always work. And it doesn’t always change that surge of hatred.

I hate you BJ.

I feel it. I think it. But if I go deeper, if I press into my heart and mind, I see that I’m actually feeling

You are not the man I married.
You’re sick and it scares me.
You look weird and act weird and are different because of this stupid, awful cancer
I’m sad.
I hate everything about this.
This is hard.
This sucks.

And too often my pain and sadness get misdirected. I shoot it towards BJ instead of at that Big C, cancer.

And I become a hateful, angry, bitter, about-to-call-it-quits caregiver.




You might be there too, my fellow caregivers. Maybe you’ve found yourself thinking I HATE THIS PERSON.

(Like me.)

And maybe you felt alone in your sad, hateful thoughts.

(Like me.)

So I’m sharing my struggles aloud.

Hoping that you hear the words You are not alone You are not alone You are not alone

Over and over.

Know that this is a safe space. That this shit is hard. That I don’t blame you for feeling any way that you feel.

But let’s struggle together. Let’s fight for honesty, for vulnerability.

Let’s give ourselves a hug. Let’s continue to practice self care.

Let’s remind ourselves that we are human. That we are under enormous pressure. That we make mistakes.

Let’s learn to identify the times when we say I hate YOU when we really mean I hate CANCER
(or Autism or Alzheimer’s or ALS…)

Let’s work on it.

Let’s give ourselves grace, and permission to be imperfect,

While also striving to be better, more loving, more understanding, patient, gentle, kind, good–

Even though it’s hard. Even though it might seem IMPOSSIBLE.

But most of all, let us never fail to be honest.

Because lying about how hard it all is just makes it even harder.


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Cabin in the Woods |

I was in a cabin in the woods.

No phone. No internet.

No talk of cancer.

Just food-


And fun-

RadioLab podcasts
walking around the pond
just a little Real Housewives of New Jersey
cat snuggling

More thoughts on the trip later, I hope.

And pictures, too.

But in the meantime, Happy Wednesday!


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