Our Christmas 2013

Christmas this year was so simple and sweet. We didn’t end up doing all the traditions I had planned but I was able to give myself grace, reminding myself it’s ok, that I am learning as I go.  Christmas Eve I cooked all morning and then we were just bumming around. It took us a while to figure out how we wanted to spend the evening and after flipping through various tv shows I started feeling flustered. (This isn’t Christmas-y enough!) So I asked if we could just launch into our tradition of opening one gift and then everything fell into place. I gave BJ a portable guitar stand and he gave me the book Common Prayer, complete with the most thoughtful inscription. I opened the book right up and we did the Christmas Eve reading together. The beauty of the liturgy made our home feel so sacred and special. It was the prefect Christmas moment. BJ grabbed his guitar and we sang through the hymns in the back of the book. Come Thou Fount! Go Tell It On the Mountain! It wasn’t terribly eventful but it was SO us. I went to bed with my heart so full. O come, o come Emmanuel.

Christmas day was just as intimate and Christmas-y. We woke up and got the “fireplace” going (thanks, Netflix!) and did the Christmas Day reading from Common Prayer. We dug into our stockings, full of candy and gadgets and treats, and then moved onto the big presents. We got so many sweet and memorable gifts from our family, with some special ones being a matching set of C.S. Lewis books from my parents and an embroidered “BJ Enright Photography” vest that BJ got from his parents. We ate some cinnamon rolls and spent the rest of the morning with the kitties and the candy and all our wonderful gifts.

We then headed over to my friend Casey’s house for a huge Christmas dinner. We had wine, a whole sausage and cheese spread, and a full turkey dinner. And the best part- I didn’t have to make any of it! We sang songs and stuffed our bellies and popped open our Christmas crackers. After several rounds of Uno and Casey’s mom whooping us all in Cards Against Humanity we headed home.

I loved our little Christmas. BJ even took some photos!



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