Sunday Best 12.29.13


I am not a cook, but occasionally I can “make recipes.”  These gingerbread truffles were ridiculously easy.  3 ingredients! Oh my they were so good, SO good that I made them again today with leftover red velvet cake…

And speaking of truffles, I found this recipe in a funny way. I was connected to an Australian family who needed a sitter for a few nights during their stay in New York. I had a blast playing with their adorable three girls and started looking forward to these fantastic homemade meals I got each night. Well I got to chatting with the mom, Liss, and found out she’s an Australian food blogger! She recommended some recipes and we really hit it off- I even got an invite to Australia! Such a lovely family.  Check out her blog and amazing recipes here.

And now for my Sunday Best…

I’ve seen lots of “creative photographers taking whimsical photos of their children” – the baby who naps, the sleep-deprived dad and daughter, but these might be my favorite – simple and sweet but oh so delightful!

I’ve lived all over the country- SoCal, the South, The Midwest, The Pacific Northwest, New York- so I can’t seem to pinpoint my dialect. Hubby says I have a Southern drawl when I’m tired but I say “soda” and pronounce the word “both” like “bolth.” Where am I from??!?! This quiz was fun but left me with the same dialect identity crisis. Did they guess you right?

I’m not Catholic, but I, like a lot of people, love Pope Francis. I am excited to see a man living more like the way Jesus actually lived- with simplicity and huge love.

While talking religion, take a look at this Christian’s Christmas apology

And an update: I am so excited to be apart of the musical Deployed again. We did a two-show run in November and we just got an extension for January 7-12. I’ll be in rehearsals again next week but in the meantime buy your tickets here to secure seats for our limited run!


And in case you missed it, Finding my Christmas-y Christmas Christmas, why I hate blogging, and last week’s Sunday Best.


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