TOOTHLESS: A Photo Series

Last night I told you the story of why I’m toothless and all the great Halloween costumes I’d be missing out on. Well my husband BJ is a photographer so I thought I’d enlist him for a little project I had in mind.

Let me know in the comments which toothless types I missed!
Photography: BJ Enright
Concept: Andrea Enright
Makeup and Hair: Andrea Enright
Model: Andrea Enright

Thank you to my fantastic husband for the photos! He blogs regularly over at so check him out!

  • Anonymous

    You took a negative and made it a positive!! A lesson we never stop needing!! Thanks,!

  • Anonymous


  • Maddie

    Ooh! I love this so much! I see the homeless person, but what about a meth addict? Dirty hooker? An old lady?

    Also, you are still gorgeous without that tooth! ;) I love your writings so far!

  • andrea e.

    Haha Maddie love the ideas! And thank you! :)

  • Shelley

    You could be a hockey player! Perhaps a Red Wing?

  • andrea e.

    Shelley, BJ had the same idea! Great minds think alike. But we couldn’t get our hands on a jersey or stick! It would have rounded out the group nicely.

  • Grace S

    This is great! I died when I saw The Little Mermaid series.

    Also, you look fabulous.

    • Andrea Enright

      I was SO channeling 7-year-old me. And thank you! It definitely was a fun project!

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