The grace to watch the sun rise.

And not the sunrise but the sun rise.

The grace to know my self.

And not myself but my self.

The grace to take it slow

And not too fast.

To take it slow.

That grace for grace

Because even grace need grace.

Yes it does.


The grace to leave the page blank.

To write if I want to.

The grace to leave

or to stay

If I want to.

And I want to.


The grace to be angry at God.

Really angry

If I have to.

The grace to say

Defend your self

And not yourself but your self.


The grace to try

And constantly fall.

To wash rinse repeat

Wash rinse repeat.

The grace to dream.

The grace to fail.

To do better next time.

To know when to end.


The grace to give up

The grace to give in

To hold my tongue

To proudly proclaim

To live to cry to be to see

To give to take to ask to seek

To flounder to fight to fail to feel

To question and struggle to want to need

To end a poem ungracefully.



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