It’s evenings like this that make life so sweet.

BJ was acting suspicious.

It was a Tuesday night. A week after my birthday.

I’m meeting a friend before Prayer and Whiskey, he said. (Yes our church does Prayer and Whiskey. Yes you should come to it.)

Well he never does that. And it was about to start in 30 minutes. Fishy fishy.

I was supposed to meet my friend Annie for dinner. I was fairly suspicious that there might have been a surprise party coming on but then I texted Annie and got this:


Ladies and gentleman, the most perfectly flustered casual mom text that CONVINCED me that there was certainly no party. This woman is a genius.

Of course I’ll meet at your place, I said, feeling silly that I thought there would be a party. She has a little BABY, she’s not thinking about parties.

I rang the buzzer and she didn’t answer. I texted her, Hey I’m downstairs. No response.

This had happened before. Of course it had! She has a HUMAN LIFE to preserve. I would hope she’s keeping her son alive instead of responding to texts from me.

Well eventually she buzzed me in and I headed to her apartment door. Ding dong. She answered the door with flushed cheeks and a pant in her voice. Can you grab the baby? I’ll be right back.

I SWEAR this woman should be an actress. The performance was flawless.

I headed into the dark room thrilled that I get to play Mommy for a few minutes when


The room was full of friends.


Annie immediately transitioned into her bubbly, warm self. Not a trace of fluster left in her. Oscar winning, I tell you.

Hubby was there at the party, but just to take reaction photos. He left soon after for Prayer and Whiskey (Again, yes, and yes you should go). And then it was lady time, plus Handsome Baby Raul.

We ate and drank and soaked in each other’s company. Black beans and sweet potatoes and warm tortillas. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sweet wine.

It’s evenings like this that make life so sweet.

It was nothing fancy or elaborate but boy was it beautiful. And I couldn’t stop thinking to myself, it’s evenings like this that make life so sweet. It’s evenings like this that make life SO sweet.

Lindsay then initiated a “Let’s go around and tell Andrea our favorite things about her.”

I died and went to Heaven.

Kind word after kind word, they talked about my year and what they loved about me and favorite memories. They listed my love languages to make sure that I felt loved in every way I feel it most.

Quality time. Check.
Receiving gifts. Check.
Words of Affirmation. Check.

Wait, we are forgetting one. Which one’s her favorite? I can’t think of it!


They stampeded toward me.

Hugs and squeezes and kisses.

We talked late into the evening, drinking our wine, and boy was it sweet.

It’s evenings like this that make life so sweet. And It’s evenings like this that I am reminded of God’s love for me.

I did nothing to deserve the kind words or affection, but they showered me with them. I wasn’t any more special than anyone else, but they sung my praises. Just for being me. And I didn’t have to earn it. I didn’t have to do anything at all. They loved me simply for being born. For being here. For being me.


And it’s love like that that makes life so sweet.
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