My ninth circle of Hell is taking down Christmas Decorations.


Christmas is a hot mess.

First you have to decorate and send cards and buy gifts and spend money and bake things and plan events and go to events.

But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is taking down decorations.




What ring of hell is this?

I deck out my apartment in full holiday wonderment and then I have to spend a day – a WHOLE day – tetris-ing it back into my closet.

It was so fun to put up.

Christmas is coming!
Remember when I made this wreath?
Oh look, our Liberty Bell ornament!

But taking it down?


Someone please give me an age-old tip to help make it bearable. Wine? Bribing your husband? Or is my only option burning the house down?


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  • Judy Harris

    It would be a shame to burn up the apartment——-and lose your beautiful new Nativity! Just know that all of your family and friends are doing the same thing——putting (carefully) away all the lovely Christmas treasures that you will enjoy even more in future holiday seasons!

  • Andrea Enright

    I survived! It took FOREVER! I suspect it’s one of those things like childbirth- it’s long and painful but in the end it was all worth it!

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