New Year, New Journal.

A couple of weeks ago I took a stab at bullet journaling. Have you seen this?

It’s a streamlined pen-and-paper way of organizing your calendar, lists, thoughts, and journals. I saw the link on Facebook, watched the video, and I was in.

I committed my most beautiful unmarked journal to the project, thinking perhaps this would help me in my follow-through. You see, my follow through with journals has a terrible track record.

My collection of half-filled journals:


I scoured my apartment to find every last one. Some had craft ideas, or personal writing. Some with poetry, others with career goals and lists.

All abandoned prematurely.

That’s why I liked the idea of bullet journalism. It had a system. A pattern. And it was a place were I could commit all my disjointed ramblings and thoughts that came up through the day.

So I went all in.

Beautiful brand new faux leather journal.


Crisp, white blank pages.


Fancy ribbon bookmark.


But the system would only work if I could commit to using it daily. Can I do this?

“I can do all things with Him who give me strength.”

So I wrote in it. Pen.

Now THAT’S commitment.

And now we’re a month later.

Are you curious to see if I’ve followed through?

You’re going to have to wait til tomorrow! In the meantime, what do you think?

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