SINGING SOLDIERS: The Marines nail this Thrift Shop/Can’t Hold Us mash-up and a promo from the new musical, Deployed


Have you seen this video of the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band NAILING Macklemore’s Thrift Shop and Can’t Hold Us? Not only did they rewrite the lyrics, they played the whole thing LIVE.

What can’t the Marines do?

And the best part is my cousin, Joe. He’s the SUPER tall SUPER handsome one in sunglasses working it at 1:54.

Man, I love the Marines. My dad was a Marine Corps C130 pilot for years and now, like I mentioned, my cousin is a Marine. We still have family friends who serve and actually two of my Deployed cast mates are former Marines. The Marines in my life have all been some of the most kind, honorable, and intelligent men I’ve ever met. Gosh I love them.

Speaking of the military, let me casually plug the new musical I’m in, Deployed. Tonight is OPENING NIGHT, and you aren’t going to want to miss it. The show depicts an Army infantry unit’s year-long deployment to Iraq as seen through the eyes of a young private.

Guys, I love this show so much. It’s such a beautiful and important story to tell with the most incredible new music. I’m so proud of it. What’s really fun is that I play a bunch of different characters- a female soldier, an obnoxious teenager, a super Southern sergeant’s wife, a therapist, and an Army mom. You have GOT to get your tickets if you haven’t already. The theatre is small and we’ve only got 4 performances so RUN TO THE BOX OFFICE. Or just click here.

Don’t you love just love singing soldiers?





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