Sunday Best 1.12.14

This was the week I opened my new show Deployed and cursed on the internet. It was also my 2 year New York-versary on Friday (more on that later) and my Grandma Judy’s birthday.

Grandma Judy
And I am proud to announce that I DID follow through with bullet journaling, for almost a whole month now! (More on THAT later too.)

But for today my parents and my sister and her boyfriend are in town to see my show so I’m off to play with them.

Today is BUSY with two performances, family in town, and a cast party tonight, but it might not be for you. I wish you a lazy Sunday full of good reads. Here are my favorites of the week.

I loved this trailer. I think it’s an important conversation to start- we need to talk about unhealthy representations and expectations for masculinity.

There’s so much wisdom to be had from Diane Comer at He Speaks in The Silence. This post from the “He’s Not Your Prince Charming” specifically spoke to me.

This poem is just so beautiful.

Probably the 5 best things I’ve ever read about marriage.

This video is old but just so fun! Who doesn’t love dancing and costumes?

20 signs you grew up as a church kid
. (Guilty as charged. I knew every one.)

The prayer I wish I had when I was taking down Christmas decorations.

Jen Hatmaker’s important article about what counts.

We are going to have to live prophetic lives in our communities, not relegate the heavy spiritual lifting to the pastors on Sunday mornings. People will not be brought in through Christian rhetoric, which has become white noise in our post-Christian society. We must reach out with the values the de-churched and un-churched have expressed: authenticity, justice, flexibility, kindness and grace, simplicity, and community. These are obviously much more costly than a 25-minute sermon once a week.” 

And a new nonprofit you should share and support.

Happy Sunday!




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