I think I’m a poet, not a writer.


I think I’m a poet, not a writer

Because I write thought-to-page.

Because what’s in my brain

Goes on the page.

There’s actually not much thought involved.

This morning I spent two and a half hours trying to piece together something I’d written stream of consciousness.

And no matter how hard I tried

It just wouldn’t make sense.

Mismatching puzzle pieces forced together.

And I should have just posted the thing as it was.

But I’m a poet perfectionist

And I wanted it to make SENSE.

But it was like my brain didn’t have the capacity to organize my thoughts.

It could just think.

Thinks thoughts.

You trackin?

I’m not.

So I think I’m a poet.

I didn’t even know it.

I thought I was a writer.

But a poet seems right-er.

The one thing I know well-

Only time will tell.
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  • http://princessmorag.blogspot.com/ Morag Renfro

    I like it. I want to be a writer too and then it always comes out a little bit too concise!

  • Sarah Varadi Miller

    I think you are a poet. You have an interesting rhythm to your words.