Sunday Best 2.9.14


(Credit: The New Yorker / Tomer Hanuka)

Our New Yorker came in the mail and BJ and I couldn’t believe how much this drawing looked like our bedroom.  Our window is almost identical complete with view of snowy brick buildings, sheer curtains, and a radiator to the right. I’ll try to post a photo so I can prove it!

It’s stayed pretty cold and snowy this week but it hasn’t been bothering me much. I try to enjoy each season as it comes and right now it happens to be icy cold / slushy puddle jumping (so basically this.) I figure no use fussing about what you can’t control. Besides, mid-July I’ll be dreaming of these chilly days.

Have you been watching the Olympics? I caught some ice dancing and the opening ceremony but mostly I’ve been laughing about all these terrible Sochi hotel mishaps, not limited to unflushable toilets, stray cats, and getting trapped in bathrooms. Can you believe it?

I feel like all over the internets I’ve been finding fascinating articles. Here are a few of my favorites. And this is a short list, as I’ve saved some for next week!

This is my absolute favorite find of the week. Check out this incredible map of the best Manhattan coffee shops by subway stop. They definitely nailed my neighborhood’s best coffee with its mention of Beans and Vines, Darling Coffee, and Indian Road Cafe.

I really enjoyed this article from Donald Miller where he talks about how he doesn’t connect with God through singing and the traditional church worship service, and this article which really articulated my thoughts on being a Christian who watches Game of Thrones.

I got a kick out of these fake Lays Chips flavors, with my personal favorite being “Doritos Flavor.” Hah!

This is dumb but I laughed so hard at this animation a husband did of his drunk wife’s joke.

BJ snapped this picture on Thursday and we think it probably wasn’t the right shirt to wear to a high school musical.

The new book The Locust Effect came out this week and it offers a surprising new solution to poverty in the world. Can’t wait to read it.

You won’t believe that this Oregon home is only 700 square feet!

This video was a shocking, powerful, thought-provoking look at sexism in modern society. You need to go watch it now.

From Ira Glass came this video on how to push through an artistic gap.

And speaking of gaps, check out this amazing recreation of the Cyndi Lauper/Billy Porter GAP campaign photo. Every time I see it I smile!

I hope you have a happy Sunday! Let me know what were your favorites this week!


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