This is a Pap Smear all over again.


This is a Pap Smear all over again. But we’ll get to that in a second.

For now, check out my new headshot.

I literally took this yesterday, in my living room, in about 15 minutes. The photo equipment was all set up and I just decided today is the day quickly did my hair and makeup and went for it.

You might not think this is a big of a deal, but guys, It had been TWO YEARS since I had last done headshots.

TWO years.

… and I’m married to a photographer.

A professional wedding, engagement, and headshot photographer.

Like I live with/see every day/am married to a photographer.


This is JUST like the Pap Smear.

Seriously. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Why do I keep putting off all these things in my life?

Pap Smears and Headshots and Throwing Out Soup. They are really not-a-big-deal things but I just won’t do them. If there isn’t immediacy to the situation I just. Won’t. Do. It.


I’m not even a huge fan of this headshot but I’m grateful that I finally did it. I mean, I had been talking about doing more headshots for over a year and I just never did. Again, I am MARRIED to a professional headshot photographer. What’s my deal?

And I honestly don’t know what made me follow through yesterday. I can’t remember what put me over the edge, like, convinced me that “Today is THE Day I should take more headshots after procrastinating for a year!”

So leave a comment. Let me know if you like my headshot. Or why it took so long for me to do them. Or what you ate for lunch.

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  • Natalie Miller

    Just beautiful!

    • Andrea Enright

      Thank you! (I assume you’re talking about my headshot!) :) :) :)