I used to be vibrant.


But now I’m just





It’s a word I hold closely-

One of those life-giving words for me.


I want to be vibrant.

If I were starting a school essay, I would say

Webster’s Dictionary states that vibrant is an adjective meaning

Having or showing great life, activity, and energy.

And then I would say how being vibrant is key to life.
And how being vibrant is being energized and active and Life – Full.
And how I’m nothing like this now.

So what happened?

Well first, February.

But there’s more.

The sinking feeling-
That I let sadness and sickness overcome.

The realization-
That I let my circumstances take away my joy.

And mourning-
Because I forgot God can work through darkness.

So now I’m taking this hardened, ache-y Andrea

And reclaiming my vibrant self,

Remembering it is never too late for a fresh start.

And though I have a suspicion that I might spend my whole life in this cycle-

Forgetting joy and remembering it-

Lightness and darkness-

Vibrant then not-

I won’t let it stop me from being the person I want to be.

And that person is vibrant.






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