Sunday Best 3.2.14

Happy March!

My friends have a tradition of “ringing in March” by going nuts and replacing words in Musical titles with the word “March.” Man of La Marcha. Thoroughly Modern March. Seven Brides for Seven Marchers. It’s insane and it’s amazing and every March 1st we do it since that fateful February-Almost-March evening 2010 in our college house living room.

So Happy March! Now for this week’s Sunday Best!

The amazing Princess Bride reunion.

Loving this new meme.

The story of Jeopardy’s weird question-and-answer format.

What I’m making tomorrow. (Trying gluten-free for a bit.)

Temporary tattoos for hipsters. (I kind of want one!)

Speaking of tattoos, have you seen these photoshopped images of celebrities with tattoos?

This has also been making the rounds but I just adore this mother who makes her daughter inventive paper dresses to play in.

My first DIY post on how to dye your hair with henna.

Pre order a copy of my absolute favorite book for only $10!

8 historical facts that will totally mess with your concept of time.

And hey, the Academy Awards are tonight! I always love the red carpet and fashion. Check out this comprehensive list of all the 85 Best Picture Oscar Winners ranked.

Happy Sunday! Happy March! And Happy Oscars Night!


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