My neighborhood came alive at 6pm.


My neighborhood came alive at 6pm.

Or maybe it was just that SPRING is finally here and it was 60 degrees, sun shining.

Or maybe it was that it was 6pm. I’ll never know.

But I do know the neighborhood came alive.

I walked in the park, headphones playing some real good music.

And the neighborhood came alive.

People all shapes and sizes and colors walking their dogs of all shapes and sizes and colors.


Some with babies. Some with two kids. And some with three. Some all girls. Or all boys. Young kids. Teenagers. Little bitties. All kinds of families. All kinds of shapes and sizes and colors.


With their dogs, with their kids, on the basketball court, in the field, playing tennis, on the playground, on the benches, playing chess.

Silent, talking, listening to music.

Walking, running, sitting, lounging, cart wheeling.

But all, coming alive.


Vibrant, my life word, if you will.

And I thought, we are all so similar. All of us.

We are so very similar.

You would think I would have seen only different different different. You know, with there being hundreds of people, doing all sorts of different things, at all sorts of different stages in life, and all of them different shapes and sizes and colors.

But all I could think

Or rather, all I could feel

Is that we are all very very


A deep-down in-my-gut all-knowing truth-y feeling

That we are very very same.

We just want sunshine and happiness and to be loved, ya know?
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