Poem Therapy


I’m struggling.

Since coming back from vacation, it just feels like ages since I’ve written anything. And the problem isn’t ideas-  I’m having lots of them, but they aren’t making it to the page, or when they do, they come out scrambled and unintelligible.

The only thing that is making sense right now is poetry. But I’ve been fighting the urge to write poems in order to write something “more accessible.” Well I guess I need to give in and write what my soul wants to write, which is piece-y, rambling, unintelligible poetry. And it is National Poetry Month, so let’s go with it.


The thoughts won’t come, and so I write a poem.

In a poem, you don’t make sense.

And that’s okay.

And that is good.

But when you Big Girl Write

And the thoughts-

they don’t come

You feel your world crash down

Tumbling slowly

Like a dream.

I want to make sense

to be heard

to shout

And yet all I feel is stuck


and afraid.

I need a breakthrough moment

or a light

or a sage to point the way

Or maybe just some


As I wait.

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