Sunday Best 4.27.14


Hello, Sunday Best. It’s been a while. I forgot you existed, sorry for waiting to do you until 9:15pm. I promise to be a better blogger, and to update many times this week with all sorts of funny things and ideas and lots and lots of pictures. Hopefully. With love, Andrea.

Brackify is my new favorite thing. It’s so addicting! Here are my favorites:

The Oscar Best Picture Bracket
The Best Disney Songs Bracket (This will crush your soul)
The Disney Villains Bracket

A boob job might help you with adoptive family questions

Have you heard about Moana? She’s a Polynesian Disney princess coming in 2018! So excited!

If luxury brands made every day things. So interesting!

This interactive French ad is mesmerizing and terrifying.

You won’t believe how bizarre these pictures of fruits and vegetables are.

This seems weird at first but now I kind of want one.

Are we abandoning foster children?

Do you have a long runway?

Don’t wait to get invited to your life.

Photos that might make you twitch.

Kids were here.

All I want in life is a pizza cake.

Make everything ok.

And this week I went from this to this!

Happy Sunday!


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