15 Disney Souvenirs You Won’t Hate Yourself for Getting

If you’re not careful, you can end up with a lot of Disney crap at the end of your vacation. Sure you love that Little Mermaid necklace NOW when you’re literally IN Disney World SURROUNDED by Disney and people decked out in Disney EVERYTHING. But will you really wear that on the streets of Manhattan. Really? REALLY?

Let’s just say I speak from experience.

So while I was in Florida, I made a point to document any souvenir item I found that wouldn’t fall into my “Why on earth did I buy this” pile. Here are 15 Disney Souvenirs you won’t hate yourself for getting, in no particular order, except for Number One!

15. Epcot Laptop Case. This has a subtle Disney print- enough to make you go “Awww…. Disney World” but not so much that it screams I WENT TO DISNEY WORLD AND BOUGHT EVERYTHING THAT HAD A MICKEY ON IT.


14. Disney Desserts Cookbook. Now cookbooks and books in general always make great souvenirs. They tuck away easily on a shelf, but still give you the satisfaction of owning a memento from your trip.


13. Minnie’s Bake Shop Cookies. Now when it comes to bringing back souvenirs for friends, food is my go-to. You can bring them a themed treat for under $5, which beats a small plastic-y Mickey whatnot at that same price that will inevitably get put in a junk drawer or become a cat toy.


12. Mickey Shaped Pasta. Mickey shaped food.You can’t go wrong.


11. Minnie Sprinkles. These would be a perfect for kids. Every time you bake, you get some Disney magic. This is small enough to tuck in the pantry AND has a long shelf life (so you can enjoy it for a while!) My kind of souvenir!


10. Mickey Tea Ball. You have to be careful with gimmicky kitchen gadgets but if you are genuinely in need, it might be fun to get a Disney-fied one, like this tea ball. I always love souvenirs that are actually useful, versus ones that just take up space on a shelf (YOU KNOW THE ONES.)


9. Disney Wine. I love the idea of collecting wine from your travels. It ages well, and you can keep it on a shelf without it screaming DISNEY 100% of the time.


8. Kitchen Magnets. Cute kitchen magnets can get a little crazy but I thought these ones were cute and tasteful enough to actually put on your fridge. Fridge’s are the only place you can tastefully brag about your vacations.


7. Mickey wallet. Now this is pushing it, but if you need a wallet, and you LOVE Disney, I thought this was one of the more subtle souvenirs available.


6. Retro Mickey Tee.  Now, you will always get away with shirts as souvenirs. From now until the end of time. I’ve never been a shirt-buyer; OOH LET’S GET A LONDON SHIRT. OOH LET’S GET A VEGAS SHIRT. OOH I <3 NY! But there must be people out there who do it because everywhere I go there are T-shirts EVERYWHERE. Here is a guide to the ones that weren’t ludicrous.


5. Epcot Tee.


4. Oversized sweater. Now you aren’t winning any fashion awards with this but if you like lounge wear, this could make a comfy outfit with your yoga pants. Subtle Disney.


3. Sleeveless Tee.

2. Orlando shirt. Now this is the kind of shirt you wouldn’t feel weird walking around in AFTER you have left Disney premises.

And my NUMBER ONE Cool Kid souvenir?

1. Disney Christmas ornaments.

I forgot to even get a picture of ours, but this is by far the BEST souvenir you could ever buy. It serves as a yearly reminder of your trip, and but then you can tuck it away out of sight. And it can be as as colorful and Disney-licious as you want it to be because you only need to see it once a year! Christmas ornaments make the best souvenirs EVER. You ooh and ahh as you put up the Christmas tree. You recount your vacation memories. And then it gets put back in a box for 11 months and you don’t have to see Disney everywhere.

So what are your go-to souvenirs? And what’s the dumbest souvenir you’ve ever purchased?


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  • http://aroadofonesown.wordpress.com Katie K

    My family always did souvenir ornaments too :) It was great as kids to pull out the boxes and ooh and ahh as we remembered our past trips

    • http://andreaenright.net Andrea Enright

      Yes, THE BEST! Souvenir/Memory keeper all in one!

  • http://havethetimenowwhat.com Yvonne

    My favorite Disney souvenir was an elegant Mickey watch at Disney World. I still love it after 15 years. It doesn’t scream Mickey until you really look at it.

    Since I am trying to simplify my life, I am trying to now collect memories instead of souvenirs.

    • http://andreaenright.net Andrea Enright

      True- pictures and memories are the best souvenirs of all!

  • Rachel

    We collect reusable shopping bags on our vacations. It makes going to the grocery store a walk down memory lane.