A & B go to the Green Festival

My friend Kate emailed me about the Green Festival that was coming to New York City and I knew I couldn’t pass it up! After all, I’m pretty crunchy with my composting, obsessive recycling, and reusable water bottles. Well it was basically a huge showcase of eco-friendly and green products, with everything from food to cleaning supplies to scooters! BJ and I had a blast and wanted to share some photos.


There were SO many free samples. Granola bar samples EVERYWHERE.




My friend Kate helped organize the event. Here she is with our friend Michael. Way to go, Kate!


Cork flower pots? I need to get my herb garden going.


Oh how I want a garden!


We also got to sample some eco-friendly wine!


I wanted ALL the free things.


Chocolate Kale Crunch? YUP. I tried it. It was really good- really chocolatey- but was it really that healthy???


Coconut ice cream samples.


Despite my enthusiasm, I wasn’t a fan. I much prefer almond milk ice cream products.


And we visited the Ithaca tourism booth. I won some chapstick! Has anyone been to Ithaca? It really does look “gorges!”


And lots of eco beauty products to look at and sample.


Now my favorite was trying out this self-pumping scooter. You rock back and forth on the scooter and it propels you forward!


I couldn’t help myself. I want one!


BJ and I tried this self-supporting chair. It really does make sitting SO comfortable!


And at the end of the day, we stopped by the book section. Apparently you can have ECO SEX? News to me.


And my favorite book ever, A Volcano in My Tummy.

The Green Festival is now over in NYC but it WILL be hitting up lots of other cities this year in case you want to visit! The Green Festival will be in D.C. May 31 and June 1, Los Angeles September 12-14, Chicago October 24-26, and San Francisco November 14-16, so lots more opportunities to get your green on if you want to check it out yourself!


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