Monday Best 5.12.14 (and an update)

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Sundays are usually busy. Happy busy but busy. BJ and I have church, and some days I’m there early singing with the worship band and some days we host a group and share a meal after church. But Mondays, I have more time. I can write, I do some photo work for BJ at my own pace, I can sleep in. Mmmm Monday.  So for now I’ll be trying out Monday Best. Because who doesn’t need some fun reads to help you get back into the grind of the week?

And above is a photo from this weekend. I’m back from a quick retreat in Pennsylvania where I got to enjoy some big trees and hockey games with my church family. Feeling rested and rejuvenated, for sure. And ready to churn out some writing that has been sitting in my drafts for far too long. AND I’ve got a few days worth of pictures from our Disney Cruise adventure so stay tuned. And enjoy some of my favorite recent web finds!

You know, just a TOMATO inspired haircut- complete with red and green dye!

Read Amy Schumer’s powerful speech about confidence. (It’s unbelievably good)

Does society prefer extroverts?

FINALLY. An honest college commercial.

Kentucky Derby Hats: Best and Worst of 2014

Wow- male privilege when it comes to dating. You should read this.

Apparently there is a correct way to cut a grilled cheese sandwich.

You can get custom Matryoshka Dolls of your family!

Incredible. This film was made over a 12-yr period to watch a boy growing up.

28 crazy U.S. maps.


I can never get enough clever food hacks!

Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex? So, so interesting, and also scary.

All about teachers.

25 fascinating objects.

The DuckTales Theme Song is now an R&B Slow Jam AND IT’S LIFE CHANGING.

Mike Rowe is one wise guy. On career and happiness.

Love these 29 funny charts!

And check out more fun reads here, here, and here.

Happy Monday! Have a great week!



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