Music is for Lovers


Any music lovers out there? As a singer, I know and understand music, and as you might have guessed,  love it. But I often find myself getting music amnesia. I’ll forget how much I love and need music in my life until it just hits me, like when I couldn’t sleep last night and started binging on youtube videos.  Well all that music entering my sleepy brain filled me with energy and busted my musical rut. Now all I can think of is the next amazing song I need to hear (and I need your help to find them!)

I also realized that as an artist, I really work in cycles of inspiration. Sometimes for a season ALL I can think about is poetry. I read poetry. I write poetry. I think in poems. And next it will be painting. I want to paint! I want to buy paintings! I whip out my oil pastels!

Well I have fallen gloriously back in love with music and in my stumblings, I’ve found some songs that just stick with me, right to my gut. I think there is an interesting mix, and I know for sure that you  have never heard most of them. So sit back and enjoy my rut-busting musical delights. And let me know in the comments what I should listen to next.
Sleeping Rockets by Daniella Mason

Daniella is an old friend from my  Texas high school. I just can’t get her newest song out of my head. It’s soulful and haunting. If you are a fan of The Civil Wars, you are going to LOVE this. Also check out her songs Sleep and All I Want, which are probably my absolute favorites but I already linked up Sleeping Rockets and they are all amazing anyway so CHECK THEM ALL OUT. And tell me how much you love Daniella in the comments.

Chandelier by Sia

Okay, maybe I just love this song for the ridiculously mesmerizing, committed, incredible dancing. But the more I just listen, the more the song really excites me. Take a peak, and tell me what you think of the music and dancing.

Cathedrals by Jump Little Children

I found this song a while ago, but it stirs my soul every time I hear it. Whenever I come into a music renaissance, this song is there, so I had to include it. I dare you not to be moved by it.

Time by Jonatha Brooke

This quirky little song started the love affair. This kind of innovation and passion is why music exists.

My Hope by The Royal Royal

Just a guitar and some guys singing, but the sweetness in this song brings me back to it every time.

Heartbreak Dream by Betty Who

If you don’t know Betty Who, YOU SHOULD. We went to high school together and it is so fun to see someone so talented and so sweet n sassy n loveable really make it. She’s gonna explode, ya’ll, so pay attention. And her music is just catchy and upbeat as anything ever. You’ve probably heard her anthem, Somebody Loves You (perhaps on a Payless commercial!) But my personal favorite is this:

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  • Tabitha

    Love Chandelier and Time

    • Andrea Enright

      Love those ones! Glad you liked ‘em. :)

  • Katie K

    I’ve had Chandelier on repeat for the past week, and I’ve LOVED Cathedrals for forever too!! Thanks for the reminder of how great it is :)