This Friday, you could WIN my FAVORITE BOOK EVER.

Remember when I wrote I Don’t Love My Body – My Messy Beautiful? So many of you came out with words of support and encouragement. It seems like my words meant something. I spoke and people listened. There’s really nothing better.

Well, I need you to know that I didn’t come up with whole messy beautiful thing myself. It has a lot to do with this gal.

Glennon Doyle Melton is her name, and yes, her name is amazing. I started reading her blog, or rather, her COMMUNITY, Momastery, over a year ago. And this summer, I rented her book Carry On, Warrior from the library on whim.

YOU GUYS. This book. This book did things. This book is like a friend, dare I say a Sister to me. This is a manual to healthy, authentic, Life-Out-Loud living.

This was a book about being healthy. About your spirit. About relationships and life and everything.

And I knew deep inside me THIS IS IT. THIS I WHAT IT’S ABOUT. What it’s ALL about.

You all need to read it for yourself. And you’ll get a chance to:

I’m giving away a copy of Carry On, Warrior on my blog this Friday.

All you will have to do is leave a comment. ANY COMMENT. As simple as “I want it.” Then a winner will be randomly chosen and I am going to email them for their address and SHIP THEM THIS BOOK. Because it would be my great honor to share this book with them.

My plan is to write all this week about Carry On, Warrior, Glennon, and Momastery. The thing is, I could write for decades about her and this book, so it leaves me with WHERE THE *$&(@ AM I GOING TO START? There is TOO much to say. I don’t have EMPHATIC enough words to say them. But I will try. But we all know I am forgetful. So even if I don’t write another word about this book this week still know I love it and there WILL be a giveaway this Friday!

Anyways. I leave you with this. Glennon was involved with a series of videos from The Work Of The People that will give you a taste of what she’s all about.

She’s truthful, she’s vulnerable. She’s my sage. Get ready for amazing.

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  • Eyslyn

    I want it!! :-)

    • Andrea Enright

      Copy and paste this comment on my blog Friday to win (there will be an official post to comment on!) And I think you’d really like it- even though it’s a REAL book, not one of your fancy Kindle-y books! ;)

  • Kate White

    I totally want this book!!!

    • Andrea Enright

      Come back on Friday for the official giveaway!

  • Whitney

    Gimme! Gimme!

    • Andrea Enright

      Whit, I am so curious to see what you’ll think of this book. But you have to come comment on Friday to OFFICIALLY enter. Was this confusing? I’ll probably just count all the comments from all the days! Hah!

  • Leslie Manning

    So…When you first posted about this book, I walked. No, I ran. Yes, I ran to the library to put the book on hold. Then…I went on Amazon to see if I could find a great, inexpensive used copy. So, heck yeah, I would LOVE the book! :) Only three more days until Friday! Wooo!

    • Andrea Enright

      YAY! I rented it first and then loved it so much I bought a copy!

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    • Leslie Manning

      I’m back. :)

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