Let me tell you about this book you’re about to get a chance to win. Carry On, Warrior is her name, and I talked a little bit about her on Monday. But let me tell you some more.

Carry On, Warrior is the kind of book you’d get a little anxious about if you lent her out. Don’t hurt her! Don’t crinkle her pages! Don’t read her too quickly! Don’t let her just sit there on YOUR bookshelf when she could be just sitting there on MY bookshelf. And DO NOT LOSE HER. She’s just the kind of book where your heart starts palpitating when you think of the fact that she’s in the hands of another. You’d start missing her, because she’s like a dear friend. She holds your secrets and she knows you so well.

But she’s also the kind of book that you want ALL THE PEOPLE to read. The one you want to throw at people and force everyone to sit down and read. The kind of book you want loan out to anyone who will take it. The kind of book that makes you pray for your friends as they read it, so that they would receive it a feel refreshed and understood.  The kind of book you hope they dog ear and highlight and rip out the pages they want to keep forever. The kind of book where you’d want the pages to be salty with their tears. And get those texts that are like I LOVE THIS BOOK THANK YOU FOR HER.

You might be able to tell that I have some strong feelings. And the good news is, you get a chance to win your own copy of Carry On, Warrior right now. I know, IT’S EXCITING. And all you have to do is leave a comment! I KNOW! Easy, right?

So to enter, leave a comment, any comment, considering that nice comments are preferred, on this post. You need to leave your full name and an actual email address to enter. (The email you submit with your comment is fine! No need to write you email IN the comment. Make sense?) You have until Saturday, May 24 at midnight to leave a comment. The winner will be picked randomly and emailed for address shipping information (or if you live in NYC I will hand deliver her!)

And if you don’t win, BUY a copy. Please. Buy one for you, for your mom,  for your sister, for anyone who has grieved, or wrestled with faith, or faced addiction, or had her heart broken. It’s less than $12 on Amazon. Less than a movie ticket. And you will treasure her. Or maybe if you bug me enough I’ll share my copy. BUT YOU BETTER LOVE IT.

Oh and I ain’t getting no bloggy-kickbacks from this post. This is 100% out of my love for this book. And my desire to do big-girl blog things like free giveaways.

So enter now and please feel free to share with your friends.

Oh and, Carry On, my fierce blog Warrior friends. Love you guys.

(Contest now closed. Thanks for playing! Congrats to the winner, Nancy B.!)



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  • Eyslyn

    I still want it! :-)

    And I love your blog and you very much!

  • Mom

    Hi Honey,
    I love your blog too, and it’s Friday!!
    I want it too:)

  • Mary Linehan

    Hello, blog mistress!!

  • Whitney

    I mean, I am already a warrior, but I could always use more reinforcement! <3 you

  • Carol Holzem

    It sounds like a fascinating book that I would love to read. But movies are cheaper on Oregon!

    • Andrea Enright

      Haha SO true. Yes, a NEW YORK movie ticket! Dang, those things are expensive!

  • Whitney M


  • Ana @ Lessons From Yesterday

    Sounds like a great book! :-)

  • Adam K

    If I win, you’ll save on postage since I live in the environment and save the environment since I won’t have to use public transit to get to Strand bookstore :-)

  • Adam K

    If I win, you’ll save on postage since I live in the neighborhood and save the environment since I won’t have to use public transit to get to Strand bookstore :-)

    • Andrea Enright

      Haha! Yes, I love being eco-friendly!

  • Katie K

    I already have this book, so I don’t need to win it, but I wanted to share that I LOVE it, and I LOVE Glennon!

    • Andrea Enright

      Katie, LOVE THIS. Knew I like you. :)

  • Maddie Stafford

    I hope I win! But if I don’t I’ll buy it ;) I love you, my fellow warrior!

    • Andrea Enright

      <3 <3 <3

  • Brandi

    This sounds like a book I need to read right now! Oh and Zoe says it is a really colorful book! Haha! Love your blog! Hope to win! :)

    • Andrea Enright

      Zoe seal of approval! Yay!

  • Natalie

    Meeeee!! :) xo

  • Molly

    I LOVE THIS BOOK. I’ve been meaning to buy my own copy, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks for making me read it. :)

  • Nancy Barnes

    I know that regardless of winning or not, I gotta read this one. Also: your blog is my fave. Keep writing. :)

  • Ellie Perez

    I enjoy your blog and what you share. It wod be great to win a copy. Take care

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