Tuesday Best? 5.20.14


(Jack Frost and BJ)

Gosh am I bad at this. First I switch Sunday Best to Monday, and then I forget to do it. Welp. Tuesday Best it is for this week. Tuesdays are SO underrated, anyways, aren’t they?

Yesterday I announced a Book Giveaway on my blog (my first!) and I’m afraid I was confusing. BAD ANDREA, BAD. I meant come back for the OFFICIAL Giveaway Blog Post I’m going to write on Friday and leave a comment then to enter the giveaway. But I’ll just count all the comments. I’m figuring it out as I go. And boy do I wish I had 500 copies of Carry On, Warrior. Seriously, buy this book no matter what.

Ok. Ready for some Tuesday links?

Sometimes it’s okay to throw a pity party.

The truth about marriage.

50 of the most ridiculous stock photos.

For cranky New Yorkers.

So what are we thinking about ABC’s new SINGING TV comedy Galavant?

One of the best Whose Line Is It Anyway sketches EVER.

Stunning make-up artistry.

Find your passion.

Horrifying, powerful images of how we oppress children around the world.

What you don’t know about Proverbs 31.

Jesus and women. (A quick read.)

Praying with breath. Love this so much.

You are not forgotten.

Have expectations in marriage changed?

Love this list of 33 dogs with extremely unique coats.

12 incredible photos of animals in the womb.

And a week of Disney Magic! Check out my time at Epcot, our Disney Cruise, Emma’s birthday, and 15 Disney Souvenirs You Won’t Hate Yourself For Getting.

Happy Tuesday!



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