The Fault in My Timing



I bought a copy of The Fault in Our Stars the night before I found out BJ has cancer.

Seriously. The night before I found out, I made a Walmart trip. (OMG WALMART. Cheap. SO cheap. Big. SO big. It had been a decade since I’d been to Walmart.) And I wanted to pick up a book because I had a feeling I would read the two I brought with me quickly so I wanted a back up. Well this book had been all over the place so I thought HEY, I’ll give this a read. I’ll do the legit thing and read the book before I see the movie.

So I bought it. And the next day I got The News.

It’s either the best or the worst timing ever.

And if nothing else, it’s just plain ironic.

So now I’m not sure if I should read it.

Like, maybe now might not be good time.

But part of me is also thinking that maybe, JUST maybe, it would.

Like, if I read it, it would be some sort of emotional laxative where I could just have one big cry and get SO MUCH emotion out of me.

So what do you think? Should I read it?

Please note that 1. I like to cry and 2. I’m feeling a little pent up right now.

But also 3. My husband has cancer.



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  • Ana

    If you do read, please do so with caution!! I obsessively read the endings of books first, so that I can avoid any and all sad books–I just can’t handle them. I’ll be staying as far away as possible from this book and movie, but I’m a wimp, so do what’s best for you! Big hugs and prayers for what you guys are going through!

    • Andrea Enright

      Thank you, Ana. I think I MIGHT actually give it a read- after a few “maybe it was meant to be” comments from when I posted on Facebook. We shall see!

  • Deborah S

    It’s really, really heavy, but I loved it. You will cry huge ugly buckets of tears. John Green is a great writer. Sending you and BJ love and good vibes!