Tuesday Best


Tuesday Best! Tuesday Best! It’s time for Tuesday Best! On Sunday I was busy and
on Monday I was crying so on Tuesday’s I am besting, best is BEST! Tuesday Best!

I really wish you guys could hear how I sang the above song. But you will never know, and for that, I am sorry. Sadly, you will have to come up with your own melody.

Well it’s June! And June 3rd already?! Man, time flies. Ok, ya’ll ready for some links?

You are significant with or without a significant other.

What we can do to keep loving life even when it hurts our feelings.

Teddy Roosevelt and Elvis in a scene together? Made me laugh.

Love that this is coming back!

The guys from Pentatonix just have killer vocals and harmonies. Plus they’re singing Miley Cyrus.

The best songs ever.

Cat People are smarter than Dog People. IT’S SCIENCE.

10 Simple Words every girl should learn.

Culturally relevant, thought-provoking illustrations.

It’s homophobia, not “traditional values.” About the postage stamp.

Did culture create the madman, Elliot Roger?

And another thing to read about it.

How did the new Saturday Night Live cast members do?

What people would take if the house was on fire.

A huge act of kindness.

Mama Bear to the rescue!

My trip to the NYC Green Festival.

Actors with their body doubles. So bizarre!

A simple guide to launching a Hipster Restaurant.

Be a life astronaut.

Ballet moves in slow motion. So cool!

So dumb but made me smile.

Ok, this was pretty cute.

And this is even cuter. (Kittens!)

Happy Tuesday!


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