Weekly Life Update 9.12.14

Weekly Life Update 9.12.14

The highlight of my week? The Beyoncé-themed bathroom I encountered in a Midtown restaurant complete with Beyoncé Single Ladies Mosaic, Barbie Beyoncé shadow box, and a looping track of her top singles.


Hello and welcome to my most thrilling blog post yet! I have given it a title that will get your heart racing: Weekly Life Update.

I am sure it will blow your mind, so please contain your excitement, pull yourself together, and start reading.

This week was a hard week. But pretty good. All sorts of different things. But I’ve found that I live in the extremes.

Extreme Number #1: HOPEFUL! Joy! Excited! Life is beautiful! We can do this! This is fun! WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!

Extreme Number #2: HOPELESS. All-is-lost. Death. Hatred. Despair. Crying-for-hours. Angry. Yelling. Bummed out.

I don’t know if my extremes are good things or bad things, just that they are things. And I’m learning how to deal.

I’m not sure if I love or hate the extremes. I know that I’m a feeler, I feel things REALLY intensely, good or bad. So I have the feels, and cancer definitely highlights all those feels.

Ok, now to the Life Update part. This week I got some good housework done. Cooking, cleaning, organizing.

On Monday I met with a family I am going to start babysitting for twice a week. It will be nice to make some extra money and get out of the house regularly.

On Tuesday I can’t remember what happened. I think I cried. Also, my cats spilled water on my laptop that weekend and I was laptop-less and sad.

On Wednesday BJ and I went to the Apple Store and Trader Joe’s together. I bought a basil plant. We got the good news that my laptop works and I lost NO data (HURRAY!) just that it had a few little quirks like a non-functioning trackpad and some sort of wireless issue. That evening I lead some prayer time for friends who are in the middle of the adoption process. I loved praying for them and supporting them and hearing all about their journey (You can donate to their adoption fund here!)

On Thursday I played with my friend Jessica and ate Jeni’s Ice Cream (Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry + Sweet Cream Biscuits and Peach Jam Ice Cream. I DIE.) That night I had a sleepover with my hubby in the living room. We pulled out the sofa bed, ordered pizza, and watched Wolf of Wall Street.

On Friday morning (aka THIS morning) we woke up at 9 and ate leftover pizza and coffee for breakfast. We talked, we did the dishes, we sorted our laundry. And now I’m writing things.

So yeah. That was our week. You’re welcome, internet. You KNOW your life is better now that you know how my life was this week.

But actually, in all seriousness, I think peeking into people’s daily life is fascinating. I would actually love reading about people’s week. (Remember what I said here?) And now that I have a fully functioning laptop, I plan on blasting you with blog posts all next week. YA READY?

Have a good weekend, folks.



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