A Prayer for my Subway Friends

On my subway ride this past morning I sat wedged between two people, a normal occurrence when sitting on the train.

But yesterday something was up.

I was reading through some articles I’d saved on my phone. I devour faith and spiritual bloggers like no one’s business. Blogger du jour? Kathy Escobar.

I was reading about women in the church finding their voice.

And nodding in agreement with every word I read.

And as my stop was nearing, I glimpsed an article the man on my left was reading. It was one of those printed out articles stapled together, like the one you get in a class. And I thought he was maybe high school or even college-aged. He was young and focused with light olive-y skin.

I didn’t catch the article but I saw the words “burqa” and “Islam” and “women.” It was something about religion he was reading.


I’m reading about religion too, I thought.

Still in though, I turned my head to the right and noticed the elderly black woman next to me was reading too, the book close to her face. And with a quick glance the one word I could make out was “Salvation” and I knew she must have been reading some sort of devotional or Holy Book.

And I thought

What are the odds?

Look at us.

The three of us sitting in a row like little Subway Faith Ducks.

The three of us, all so different, and yet all so similar, each of us searching and underlining, whether in our heads or on a piece of paper.

And I had a holy moment. One of those moments of me and the world, and everything else, we were all connected.

And I prayed a prayer for my subway friends.

Lord, look at us three. I think we are all doing the best we can. We are trying to find faith, trying to encounter God, trying to feel something, find something, do something, each in our own way, and each needing you desperately. Help us. And thank you.

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