Naming My Imaginary Children

I was thinking to myself, what is the MOST OPPOSITE post I could do from Of Mountains and Tumors. And the answer was baby names. I kid. To be honest, I just wanted to break all this blog silence and start posting more regularly, plus I started talking about it with my friend Stanzi. (Who has the most AMAZING name, by the way!) AND I am absolutely in love with interesting baby names.

I am the kind of person when I hear or find and interesting name I’ll write it down in my phone or journal. I have an ongoing list of interesting names, although I do think we need to draw the line somewhere. Hello Apple and Dweezil. I still think you can be interesting and creative AND keep it “name-y” if you know what I mean.

With that in mind, meet my imaginary children:


Wilmot and Hollis


Noemi Olivette


Baddeley Claribeau


Tyla Wynne


Maizer Beckett


Adriel Frost




Lilou Emmeline


My identical French quadruplets (obviously) -
Rienne, Martine, Ondine, and Juliette


Talon & Tracker. I hate myself.


Gifty June


Booker Jude


Maple May


Arley Odette


Zipporah Zavie, nicknamed Zippy!
Don’t judge me. It could work…


Violet Etienne


Eames Alcott and Adler Ash. Eames & Adler.
Are you in love with my fake children as much as I am?


Dabney Calliou


Redheaded Twin Girls? Yes please.
Meet Lilibelle and Jochebette. Bette and Belle, anyone?


Hamilton Boom, nicknamed Ham or Boomer!
Am I crazy? HEY. They’re IMAGINARY.


Poppy Claire


Eily Ruth


Calder Case


Stella Elspeth


Alma Dellia


Winslet Rue


And sisters Madlen & Jonquil


(You know you’ve named all your future children.)

Besides, that was fun.


Photos found on Pinterest. Check out my board here to find original photo sources.

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  • Emily

    I’ve been naming my imaginary children for YEARS, just ask Dani : )

    • Andrea Enright

      Gifty is DEFINITELY pushing it. I would only ever name my IMAGINARY child that. Haha. I can’t remember where Calder came from. But I think it’s unique while also sounding super name-y.

  • Maddie Stafford

    Dude. I freaking love this. How did you come up with some of these?! I pretty much love them all. And may have to (ahem) borrow some of these for my daydreaming hah! Oddest/coolest name I heard recently (before this post): Xxyzex….but Im spelling it wrong damnit…. I’ll ask Gilbert, it was some coworker’s name :-P
    How did you find all the photos? lol I love you girl and all your quirks <3

    • Andrea Enright

      Every time I see or hear or think of an interesting baby name, I write it down on my phone and then transfer it to a list in my journal. I’ve also been known to peruse library copies of baby name books and search! I just think it’s so fun and interesting. Feel free to borrow! My REAL baby names are top secret (ish) in my journal. And XXYZEX? Hahahah And photos were found on Pinterest! Check out my board here:

  • Clear Shoes

    I LOVE THIS POST!!! And I really love “Huck.” And “Zippy.” But “Talon and Tracker. I hate myself,” is definitely the winning contribution of the day. Btw the photos are scarily fitting for the names.

    • Andrea Enright

      And yes, I may have spent a little TOO long matching the kids to their names…

    • Andrea Enright

      I think Huck and Zippy are some of the most usable names in this post. Glad you like them! And I can TOTALLY imagine a mom in Brooklyn naming her twins Talon and Tracker, can’t you? Though I’d totally hate her. Reminds me of the kid named Arrow from this video— !!!

      • Clear Shoes

        THANK YOU for linking that video. I’m getting to the age where “it’s never too early for Christmas.” I should be slightly ashamed of that, but this video reminds me to stick to my guns.