9 Extremely Scientific Rules for Halloween Costumes

I have strong opinions. Mostly about baby costumes, as you will soon see. But as I started ranting about baby costumes, I found myself having opinions on other Halloween Costumes.

So here are a few simple rules to up your Halloween game. Everything is better when you put a little thought into it, right? So instead of finding your striped t-shirt and going as Where’s Waldo yet again, take a moment, read the rules (based on cold hard data and science) and pick yourself a thoughtful, funny, or clever Halloween costume this year. YOU CAN DO IT.

1. Dressing babies as adults is Not Cute.


(Via babycenter.com)

My number one rule is do not dress your baby as an adult. In doing so, you limit your baby’s Full Cute Potential.

Let me explain. Babies don’t look like adults. They look like squishy, chubby perfect adorable babies. Also, THEY HAVE THEIR WHOLE LIVES TO DRESS AS ADULTS. So when you have a baby and it’s Halloween-time, you have a duty to us all to dress that baby to its Fullest Halloween Cute Potential. Because you only get ONE chance to have your baby as a baby for Halloween. ONE CHANCE. Do you get the stakes at hand?

With that said, the only appropriate costumes for babies are things that are ALREADY CUTE, things like, fluffy soft, cute things. We are talking puppies, cats, lions, bears. Because then you DOUBLE the cute. This is science, people.

Formula for a cute Halloween costume for a baby:

Something that is already cute + cute baby = Double the cute

It’s science, people. Ok, maybe math. But it’s legit.

Side note: ladybugs are NOT naturally cute. So do not dress your baby as a ladybug. This is a classic case of cute baby, ugly costume. This does NOT follow the Cuteness Equation:


(via Amazon)

Here are some appropriate costumes for a baby:



(via Flickr)



(via spirithalloween.com)



(via L.L. Bean)

See the power of the equation in action? I’m telling you, the equation won’t fail you. IT WILL NEVER FAIL YOU.


I am crying just thinking about how cute it would be to hold a real baby in a real furry lion costume. THE EQUATION WON’T FAIL YOU.

So remember, babyhood is not a time to be clever. This is a time to go Full Cute.

2. Dressing toddlers as adults is Cute.


(via That’s So Cute Boutique)

Please note that since toddlers look more adult-like than babies, seeing them small tiny adults is CUTE. 4 Year Old Lucille Ball? I DIE.

Side note: interestingly enough, toddlers as ladybugs are cute. It’s probably the tutu factor.


(via Diva Baby Designs)

See? It just works. Again, it’s science. And math. Science-math. Or something.

3. Family costumes are the exception to the equation.


(via costume-works.com)

Nail a clever family costume and you’ll have my respect for life. FOR LIFE.

4. Costumes are always better if you can get in character.

They just are. If you can play a bit and get into what you are portraying with your Halloween costume, you are going to have way more fun than the guy in a cardboard box dressed as Tetris.

Hey? What are you?
I’m Tetris.

Then that’s it. End of conversation. And then you have to act like YOURSELF for the rest of the night. No fun.


(via boingboing.net)

Also, do you REALLY want to be wearing a box all night? That thing is bound to get taken off in the middle of the night and left at your poor friend’s apartment.

5. Never, ever buy costumes from a bag as an adult.


(via halloweencostumes.com)

Never. For the $55 you spent looking like a “Groovy Guy” you could have gone to a thrift store and bought ACTUAL 60′s clothes for $10.

6. Sexy is overrated. 


(Via yandy.com)

Because it is. Also, how DARE you do that to Winnie the Pooh.

7. Culturally relevant is always a good idea.


(via Buzzfeed)

Ice Bucket Challenge, Adele Dazeem, #SochiProblems, Olivia Pope, the ending of How I Met Your Mother, that little girl from the Chandelier music video… Stay current and you’ll stay funny, folks.

8. Full Face makeup is NEVER a good idea.


(via Pinterest)

You will not look good at the end of the night. You will not be able to eat. You will not be able to drink. And when you do end up eating and drinking, because let’s face it, you will, it will not end well. It will not end well. It is not a good idea. Because SCIENCE.

9. And for the love of God, don’t go as a hipster deer.


(via cheapfrillsandthrills.com)


So folks, what do you think of my Halloween Costume Rules? And what your most hated Halloween Costumes/pet peeves?


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  • Guest

    I agree with all of your rules except the first one. The only baby rule is their comfort. Usually that will be a cuddly Winnie the Pooh costume, but if not, so long as the baby is happy. Check out Rosie here (18 months old) dressed as Rosie the Riveter. Nailed it.

    • http://andreaenright.net/ Andrea Enright

      Rosie the Riveter follows Rule #2 to a tee. I APPROVE! ADORABLE.

      And yes, I’m sure I will eat my words when I have a baby of my own! I’ll just want them to have something they can wear without crying! Haha you are SO right!

  • Clear Shoes

    Andrea, I know for a fact that you are the queen of costumes. Mostly after living with you and learning that 50% your college wardrobe consisted of potential theme party gold. If there’s anyone I trust in this matter, it’s you. You turned aluminium foil into a Robot Space Disco. You took a pillowcase and safety-pinned it into a zebra-printed loincloth for my future husband. There’s hardly anyone in the world I would put that kind of trust in. And thank you for reviving the term “Full Cute.” It needed to be done.

    • http://andreaenright.net/ Andrea Enright

      FULL CUTE is happening. I making it happen. It’s going global.

      Oh wow, that zebra-pinned loin cloth was either a high point or a low point in my costume-making history. I can’t decide.

      And sadly, a good 50% of my wardrobe is STILL potential costumes. Except life has less parties now. (I think this is a metaphor for my life…)

  • Cynthia Wayland Varadi

    Okay, I’m laughing hard. BUT, I do think: 1. You should have included some priceless BJ and Andrea costumes, 2. I DO think baby Ladybug is adorable and cute. 3. Andrea- You were a computer in 3rd grade! We had to go to Best Buy and get a huge box, spray paint it silver, use our keyboard and bell from a game so you could say, “You’ve got mail,” and ding the bell, remember? :)

    • http://andreaenright.net/ Andrea Enright

      Yeah, I think I need to do a full post about my history of halloween costumes. Maybe fodder for next year?

      And you WOULD think the ladybug is cute! But you just love ladybugs! Hahah I think you have a bias.

      And my computer costume is one of my high points. Need to find that photo when I’m back in Oregon!

  • GJ

    Absolutely love this blog! You are so clever—–and creative—-and FUN——-and beautiful!

    • http://andreaenright.net/ Andrea Enright

      Thanks GJ! :)