See you in January!



I love this blog dearly. I think about it daily. I have ideas and posts and dreams for it.

But right NOW, smack dab in the middle of a season where I want rest, thankfulness, and reflection for Advent– is MY busy season.

Today is Tuesday, November 25. My Mom arrived at our apartment last Thursday. BJ had his eleventh chemo yesterday. Also yesterday- my sister and her fiance arrived for Thanksgiving. Today, my dad and brother arrive.

Yes, my whole family is staying with us for Thanksgiving. In our NYC apartment. 7 people. 3 bedrooms. 1 bathroom.


But it will still be crazy.

Then they all shuffle out this Saturday morning, November 29.

Then I have my 25th birthday on December 1.

Then we have BJ’s last chemo (God willing!) on December 8.

Then we leave for Oregon on December 16.

Then in Oregon we have Christmas, my sister’s Bachelorette Party, a Rehearsal Dinner, New Year’s, and my sister’s WEDDING.


Then we hang in Oregon an extra week and be back home mid-January.

So it is all HAPPY busy, but still BUSY.

And in the midst of it all I need to shop for Christmas and wedding gifts, plan a Bachelorette party, pack for a month in Oregon, finalize our cat sitters, be a human, and beat cancer.

So it will be quiet around here, on the blog.

My heart breaks a bit because there is SO much to write about– Thanksgiving, Christmas, Cancer, wedding planning, New Year’s resolutions, AND my blog’s One Year Anniversary. But I need to free myself. My tiny, anxiety-prone brain can’t handle all that’s going on. So I am giving myself the grace to step back, and I HOPE you will be eagerly awaiting my return come January.


(And BELIEVE ME– it will be awesome. I’ve already named 2015 “THE YEAR OF THE BLOG.”)

So friends, thanks for reading, for sticking along side me, and I hope to see you back in January!

There may be a few posts that pop up before then, but more likely than not, it will be quiet here.

Know I love you, nonetheless!

Wishing you a Thanksgiving full of gratitude, a Christmas full of peace, a New Year full of joy.


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  • Katie Kronbergs

    Take the time you need!! Will be glad to have you back in 2015.