One Year of Blogging!

Top Posts from my first year of blogging |
Guys, I did it. I blogged for a whole year.

I wrote my very first post on December 9, 2013, and since then I’ve written 114 posts.

ONE YEAR. I can’t believe it.

Man has it gone by fast. I feel like it was just yesterday I was ranting about soup and walking around with no tooth. (Anyone remember that?)

I’ve really enjoyed blogging. I’ve loved it. But MAN it’s been hard. It feels good to look back on a year’s worth of work. Makes me excited to keep trucking along! I have some big plans for Year 2 of blogging. But for now, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of my top posts from my first year of blogging!

Most Read Posts of the Year:
1. I’m Exhausted/Cancer
2. In Sickness and In Health
3. Welcome to My White Hot Cancer Rage
4. The Robin Williams Post I Don’t Want to Write
5. TOOTHLESS: A Photo Series

Most Pinned Posts:
1. DIY Henna Dye Tutorial
2. Talking to a 4-Year-Old might change your life
3. I Don’t Love My Body: My Messy Beautiful
4. Everybody’s Friend and Nobody’s Friend
5. I Have A Lying Problem

Most Commented On Post:
Can We Talk About Pap Smears?

Most Comments on Facebook:
Guys, I made the most disgusting soup and I don’t know what to do about it
And now for some of my favorites!
Favorite Post Nobody Read:
Do you ever have irrational crying fits?

Favorite Silly Post:
Naming My Imaginary Children

Favorite Rant:
When Father’s Day Sucks

Favorite Poem:

And My Favorite Post of The Year:
Moving From Crushed to Cheerful


Well there you have it, the top posts of my first year of blogging. I am so glad I got my thoughts out there. I’m so glad I wrote even when I didn’t want to. And I am so grateful to have documented this year of my life. I may not have changed the world or gone viral, but I’m deeply proud of the work I’ve done here.

Thank you for reading, for listening, for tolerating my rants and raves, for commenting, sharing, liking…  it means more than you know. And I hope you’ll stick along.





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