Prioritizing Big Purchases/Help Me Spend my Money!


BJ and I have been saving up for a while and we finally have a chunk of money set aside. We’ve had our eyes on three big purchases we want to make but the catch is we really only have money to do ONE of the three big purchases we had in mind. So how do we decide?

I thought I’d turn to you.

Adulthood and finances are such uncharted territory for us, so I thought I’d open the dialogue and ask for YOUR thoughts about all this. I want to see what you think we should prioritize, and what kind of questions we should be asking ourselves.

First, let me tell you the 3 Big Purchases we are looking at:

Lasik eye surgery for me
A Cancer-Free Celebration/Relaxation/Recovery trip to Mexico
All-New Furniture for our apartment

And look at them closer:

My current contacts are REALLY expensive. I use daily disposable contacts which are more expensive than other kinds of contacts. Our annual expenses for contacts are maybe $400-600 a year. Lasik looks like it would be $3000-5000, but it would be a one time cost. I’m young, I’m 25, so it could really save us some money in the long run. And it’s the kind of procedure I’ve always known I’d have to do SOMEDAY. But it now the right time? Should this be my first priority? But it’s just so PRACTICAL. I don’t know if I can bring myself to it. Maybe I’d rather pay monthly for my contacts (like we have already been doing) and go on a fantastic vacation instead…

BJ just beat cancer. And the one thing we’ve kept saying to each other through the past six months of chemo is “we are going to get one HELL of a vacation out of this shit.” We talked about a trip to Ireland, a dream destination for BJ, but then we realized life has been so chaotic that what we actually needed to lay on a beach. We need to rest and rejuvenate and swim in the ocean and CELEBRATE no cancer. But now that it’s all over, life has gotten dramatically less stressful (amazing how just ending chemo can do that for ya.) So it doesn’t feel so pressing to go on a vacation RIGHT NOW. It would be nice, of course, but we COULD hold off if we needed to, OR opt for a mini vaca some place closer. We could probably do an on-the-cheap trip to Florida for under $800. Fly standby through my dad’s airline, rent a cheap condo, and sit on the beach. OR we could do a big resort vacation we’ve been talking about. So friends, should we skimp or should we splurge? Or should we hold off all together and buy new furniture…

We work from home. And right now our home is not a restful or organized place. I’ve known for some time that our apartment needs an overhaul. We need area rugs and book shelves, a dining table, new sofa, and storage cabinets. To do what I REALLY want we need a a few thousand. We work from home, we are always at home. And in some aspects, I don’t think we’d NEED a vacation so bad if we truly had a relaxing and rejuvenating place to come home to.


I know this is a luxurious problem to have. The world is not ending, and I know that. But I really want to learn to be a good steward of my money, while also not being afraid to spend it. My head ALWAYS goes to the practical- but maybe beating cancer is a good excuse to splurge on a vacation. But then I’ve been complaining about my apartment for 3 years. Maybe now would be a good time to re-do it exactly how I’d like it. It could amp up my productivity and boost my energy at home.

I keep going in circles and circles. There is a good reason for all three purchase. Really, I just want to hit the jackpot and do all three. But since I can’t, what should I do?

So friends, help a sister out. Let me know- where would you start? How would you choose? What would you prioritize and what would you put off? What would YOU do?




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  • Emily

    Personally, I would do furniture! Being happy with your home is really important, since its where you relax/recharge, ect. And you’ll get to enjoy it every day! I was looking at the Facebook comments too, and I agree with Lindsay that even if you can’t do EVERYTHING you want to your apt with the money you’ve saved just sprucing up a few things or only a couple rooms would still be exciting and make a huge difference. : )

    • Andrea Enright

      We ended up re-arranging our living room and I feel A BILLION times better about it. I totally agree– home is really important, ESPECIALLY since we work from home. But the new arrangement has got me energized, and we plan to just spend a little bit on a new rug and some bookshelves. Feels like a good compromise especially since we have to put everything on hold for BJ’s treatment.

  • Kate Hunte

    Is there a vote feature? Here’s mind: VACATION. Life is too short not to celebrate. you both majorly deserve it. Love you!

  • Rebecca

    Just a little fyi…I just went to the eye doc for new glasses for myself. I inquired about lasik as an option for me, and the doc said that most women’s eyes change during pregnancy and afterwards, so if I was planning on having any more kids, she suggested I wait until afterwards. When I told her I had no eye problems until 3 years ago, and then realized Annabelle is turning 3, I realized I probably fit into that statistic somewhere. So, my suggestion: wait on lasik and suck up the contact money until you are done done with any future kiddos. Furniture is super nice, but maybe you can make some smaller home purchases to make your space feel comfy and restful (rugs, wall hangings, lighting, etc.) and take a wonderful va-ca. Life before kids is certainly not easy (preaching to the choir, I know), but vacation before kids is dreamy. :) Thinking of you guys. xoxox