Thank God for oceans

Thank God for oceans


I was dipping my toes in the ocean.

I was picking up rock after rock, saying a prayer, then chucking them into the ocean.

And I thought,

Thank God for oceans.

It’s a weird thing, being human.

Us humans weren’t made to last.  We die.

We all die.

But oceans– they don’t stop. They don’t end. They don’t die.

So sitting at the foot (feet?) of the Mighty Pacific Ocean, I thought

Thank God for oceans.

Everything in my life can be stripped away. I can lose friends, family, possessions, jobs, dreams–

But I can’t lose the ocean.

It won’t ever go away.

As I walked and dreamed and offered thanks, God filled my head with metaphors and melodies:

Enraptured by you. Surrounded by Blue. Floating in waves of love, I’m enraptured by you.
(A song I’d written that came to me unexpectedly.)
You will lift my head above the mighty waves. You are able to keep me from stumbling.
(A song I’d heard for the first time this weekend.)
And there I find You in the mystery. In oceans deep my faith will stand.
(A classsic.)

And I knew, I understood–

The ocean can never be taken away from me.

I can lose everything, but I can’t lose the ocean.

Maybe that’s enough.

An ocean is pretty big. Pretty spectacular.

Maybe it’s enough.

God and oceans.

I’m pretty sure it’s enough.


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