Will I love again? And must he pick up oranges?

On Day 3 after BJ died my mom and BJ’s mom, Shelley, came home from the grocery store.

BJ always joked about how whenever my mom or his mom would visit they would make DAILY trips to the grocery store around the block.

They liked to grocery shop.

He liked to be well-fed.

Well Mom and Shelley came back from one of their notorious grocery store trips.

You see, I had VERY specifically needed cinnamon-rolls-from-the-can so they had to stop in each neighborhood grocery store until they had found them.

When they returned I was feeling decent, sitting on the couch.

They came into the living room.

We all talked. And then we all laughed. I couldn’t believe how much laughing were doing.

(And I thought, BJ is getting A KICK at us all having fun together- his wife, his mom, and his mother-in-law!)

And as I thought that thought, Shelley said “We found your husband today!”


My mom started giggling. And then they proceeded to do a dramatic retelling of how they encountered my future husband.

“Well, we were at Fine Fare. This was BEFORE we went to C-Town to get the cinnamon rolls because Fine Fare didn’t have them. ANYWAYS. We were leaving Fine Fare and we saw all the fruit bins displayed outside the store. And this woman brushed by and we could just TELL that something was going to fall and then this orange came tumbling down and then this man, without skipping a beat, swooped in and picked up the orange, placing it back where it fell from.”

“ANDREA! That is the man you need! It was so amazing. He saved the orange!”

“He was tall. And he saved that orange. That’s the kind of man you need! A man who rescues fallen oranges without skipping a beat!”

DAY 3.

DAY 3.

And it makes me smile still.

I needed the man who picked up oranges and I needed it to happen on Day 3.

And I needed it to come from Shelley.

It’s okay Andrea, I needed to hear.

You can love again.

Maybe not now.

But someday.

And it will be okay.

(And we will help you be on the lookout!)

I think it’s what I needed.

It was a gift.

So will I love again?

I sure do hope so.

I loved being married. I loved being a wife. I loved loving someone.

Must he pick up oranges?

To be determined.

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