My Christmas Miracle


I had a Christmas Miracle.

Last week I went with my grandma to a showing of 400 different nativities. I had walked in with hesitation because lately I’ve been frustrated over the portrayal of Jesus’ birth as tidy and perfect and peaceful. (Hello last blog post.) So I was delighted to see nativities from all over the world, with Tanzanian and Peruvian and Japanese Baby Jesus.

I was able to talk to the collector, Neil, and show my gratitude for his gorgeous and diverse collection of nativities. We ended up bonding and sharing frustration over tidy, perfect nativities and then he told us some stories behind the different scenes.

Right before we left I asked for a picture and Neil had me pick up one of my favorite nativities to hold in the picture. I could not believe he was going to let me put my hands on one his precious nativities! So I picked up this beautiful stained glass nativity I’d admired and delicately held it for the photo op.

Right after this picture was taken he turned to me and said “That’s yours now.” I looked at him stunned. I couldn’t believe it.

It was only then that my grandma shared with Neil what happened to BJ, why I lived in Beaverton, how hard life was for me now.

Neil started crying and then I started crying and I said I’m not too proud to accept this incredibly generous gift. I told him I need all the love I can get right now and that I would never forget this day. We hugged. And when he found out I was a singer, we sang Silent Night together right then and there.

Guys, it was some real-life cheesy Christmas movie magic.

And so I left with a precious stain glass nativity, given to me freely, without even knowing my story, and expecting nothing in return. This Christmas will be the hardest I’ve ever faced, so I couldn’t have imagined better timing for a little Christmas miracle. Thank you Jesus. And Neil. And BJ too while we’re at it.


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