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Yes. I put bunny ears on my cat.
And that’s not even the main reason why Easter is weird.


Today is the day where we have Easter egg hunts and go to church and everyone posts on Facebook “He is Risen!” And it’s not bad but I do find it distracts me and makes it harder for me to sit and think and really dwell on what Easter actually IS.

I mean I KNOW what Easter is because I’ve been going to church and hearing Jesus and Easter-y things FOREVER but in a practical way I forget to really sit and think about what this day means.

So I’ve been sitting and thinking.

And in my serious prayer and devotion and contemplation I’ve come up with some very big thoughts about Easter this year:

Easter is weird.

Easter IS weird. And I think we are so used to the word Easter and Easter-y things like chocolate and bunnies that we forget that Easter is intrinsically weird.

Now I know a lot of non-religious people. I LOVE that. Ya’ll are big-hearted and open-minded and just really cool. And I started thinking— do they even know what this crazy Easter day even means?

I ask because I know *I* forget. I just think Easter! Pastels! Hard boiled eggs! Church!

And I totallllly forget what Easter is.

And so I sit and remember what Easter is (outside of So. Many. Jelly. Beans.) and I realize and remember Easter is weird.


Now before you think I’m shouting blasphemy just hear me out—

Easter is a LITERAL day where millions of people AROUND THE WORLD celebrate a DEAD PERSON (who claimed to be God!!) who they believe actually died and then actually ROSE FROM THE DEAD three days later.


That’s a lot to take in.

That is a big ‘ol hefty statement.

To help you unpack the weirdness I created this Easter timeline:

1.) Man walks around telling everyone he’s God and doing really lovely things for poor people and sick people and marginalized people and it pisses off the Super Rule-Following Religiousy People
2.) Man-Who-Claims-To-Be-God gets sentenced to death even though he didn’t do anything wrong except say crazy things like “I am God!”
3.) Man-Who-Claims-To-Be-God gets sentenced and punished. He dies.
4.) Man-Who-Claims-To-Be-God gets entombed.
5.) Man-Who-Claims-To-Be-God isn’t dead? HOLY CRAP. (PUN INTENDED) Man-Who-Claims-To-Be-God starts showing up in different places three days after his confirmed DEATH. (Multiple eye witnesses)

Now there are a lot of other details but that’s the gist.

And guess what?

I believe it. Like really, REALLY believe it.

You’re probably thinking “Andrea! You’re cool! You’re hip! You’re smart! You’re sometimes clever and funny! YOU BELIEVE THIS???”

Okay. Probably none of you think I’m cool or hip so perhaps you’re ACTUALLY thinking “Andrea! You have some semblance of rational thought! And you believe this???”

Yes. Yes I do.

And there are so many reasons and I’m too tired to list them but for now just let it soak in that I believe this. I believe the God Man wasn’t just claiming to be God but actually was. I believe the God Man died and then the God man, who was actually God, came back to life and in the midst of that horrifying death scene and then really cool resurrection scene Jesus created a way for BJ to still be alive now and with God now even though he died and left earth.

But I sometimes I get so surrounded by Christians and Jesus People that I forget how CRAZY that must sound to basically everyone else.

It must sound like this:

Easter! Easter!! COME AND GET YER EASTER!! Millions gather to celebrate the God Man who got executed and then miraculously came back to life!

And not only is THAT what the Christians and Jesus People celebrate—

It’s what I celebrate.

And it’s what people have been celebrating for over two thousand years.

Easter is weird. But that’s why it’s awesome.

Easter is weird. But that is also why I think it’s true.

If you believe God = Love, (which I think MOST of us would admit we believe) doesn’t it make sense that God would enter earth as a wandering hippie who just loved and touched and healed and helped sick and sad people? Isn’t that what the human/physical/earthly embodiment of love would look like?

Isn’t that what God Love would look like? Not Human Love that can get distorted with things like fame and people-pleasing and a bad set of boundaries?

But wouldn’t a REAL God=Love/God Man love everyone? Even creepy people and sick people and scary people? Not just the nice people?

Because guys, I AM SO GUILTY OF ONLY LOVING NICE PEOPLE AND FREAKING OUT AROUND BASICALLY ANYONE ELSE. I am decidedly not-God and not the living embodiment of love and I would not get beaten to death on your behalf. MAYBE on the behalf of people who were nice to me but CERTAINLY not on the behalf of harsh people or insensitive people or mean people.

So here’s where I’m at:

God = Love.

And love looks like Jesus.

And Jesus = Man who Claimed to be God and Died, without putting up a fight, giving his body freely.

Jesus = God Man who died to make a bridge for us Not-Very-Good-at-Love-People to the Ultimate Expression and Creator of Love.

So yeah,

I think Easter is weird.

But that’s why I believe it.

I don’t think any human would come up with this kind of plan.

I think only a God of Love.

I don’t have all the answers, but I feel passionately about my friends making a choice for themselves about Jesus after doing the research. Don’t let weird people or extremists keep you from investigating Jesus for yourself. There are tons of intelligent, sound-minded, scientifically-minded people who believe this whole weird Easter thing. There are also tons of historical backings for Jesus and evidence for the historical validity of the Bible and a bunch of people WAY smarter than me so just google it.

Here are like 2 resources because I’m too tired to find more. Seriously! Google it!!

Read about Jesus for yourself.
Proof that smart, thoughtful Christians exist.
Historical Evidence from Non-Christian scholars about Easter’s weirdness.
Video to watch about Easter.

Have a weird Easter, friends. He is risen. He is risen indeed.

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