Sunday Best 5.15.16


This week’s meditation.


Remember this old thing? My last Sunday Best was all the way back in June 2014. And it wasn’t even a Sunday Best, hah.

I’ve been scaling back my social media intake, for reasons I’m sure will turn into a blog post, so I’m taking to the blog for my major life updates- kind of like the olden days. So come back here regularly if you’re looking for what is going on with me lately.

And now for some articles and favorites of the week…

Choose life instead of staying on brand.

The surprising benefits of a broken heart.

This is how to run and inspire a company. Might need to start eating yogurt!

This is my favorite article from my last Sunday Best, but it’s so good it’s worth sharing again. And this time it takes on a whole new meaning.

The most amazing new kids book. Girl Power!

The incredible brain science of gratitude.

Go, Hamilton, go!

Find out more about my trip to Zimbabwe here.

What I’m Reading

Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Radical by David Platt
The Book of Psalms
(You know, from the Bible… cliche but SO GOOD. Have you read through them lately? Lament and praise all intertwined… the Psalms are sustaining me right now.)

Recently Read Books & Recommended

Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion by Gregory Boyle
The Sacred Search by Gary Thomas
Garden City by John Mark Comer

Prayer Requests

For my interview for Western Seminary’s Counseling Program Tuesday morning, for energy to start fundraising and writing letters and blog posts for my Zimbabwe trip, and all things grief and sadness and healing for me. It’s been a very difficult few weeks. I hit the anger stage of grief for the first time and that was a new experience. It’s still so hard and the future is so uncertain.


Thanks for reading, friends. How have you been?




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