Hi, I’m Andrea.

I’m a lot of different things, and most of them contradict. I’m one of those adventure-seeking homebodies. An extroverted introvert.

And I am an artist. Someone gave me a degree in Musical Theatre, so that’s got to mean something. And though I love performing, I find I’m most creative when I’m writing poetry and rant-y blog posts, singing to myself, and praying.

I really like to make people laugh. I like to be silly and loud and sometimes just flat out weird.

But I also get sad a lot. I’ve had some Great Tragedy. And I’m still working on that messy depression, anxiety, and emotional unhealthiness that pops up now and then.

I’ve lived all over the world but most recently New York City, where I lived with my husband in Upper Manhattan for nearly four years. But now I’m back in Beaverton, Oregon, living with my parents after the sudden and unexpected loss of my husband.

BJ Enright was the world’s greatest photographer. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in June 2014.  A sudden turn of events put him in and out of the hospital in June 2015. Still, we had hope for a full recovery. It wasn’t until 20 minutes before he died I found out he was dying. It was sudden, shocking, devastating… to say the least.

Now I’m going to school, with hopes of continuing on to seminary. I don’t know what life has in store for me. I go in and out of feeling really sad and really hopeful. But still I’m working on being vibrant, living an honest and authentic life, and loving myself and others.

Oh, and I’d love to hear from you. Seriously. Though it may take me a long, long time to respond back, if at all. (Grief makes things that used to be easy hard. I hope you reach out anyway.)

Email me at andrea (dot) c (dot) enright (at) gmail (dot) com


All photography on this site is courtesy of my late husband, BJ Enright, unless otherwise noted.
To see more of his beautiful images, click here.